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Legend:  vegetarian vegetarian  

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A05. 拍黄瓜 Smashed Cucumbers Vegetarian

Traditional Sichuan cold dish. The flavour can fill the whole of your house....
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A08. 鲜香黑木耳 Black Fungus Salad Vegetarian

Vegetarian. Best diet food. The high spicy level will be very delicious....

A02. 卤鸡腿 Marinated Chicken Legs (2 Pcs)

2 pcs of huge Chicken legs, traditional Chinese spicy added. 两个大大的卤鸡腿!...

A03. 卤鸡蛋 Marinated Egg (1 Pc)

Traditional Chinese spicy added. Best to eat with hot noodles.

A04. 卤鸡腿鸡蛋 Marinated Chicken Legs (2 Pcs) And Egg (1 Pc)

2 pcs of huge marinated chicken leg and 1 pc of an egg. Try to get some...