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N04. 红烧肥肠面 Braised Pork Intestine Noodles

Deep-fried pork intestine with heavy spicy. Do not lose the best chance to try the best pork intestine noodle of London. (Including peanut, can leave message to cancel)(Tips: The best way to take the noodle. Get a big bowl if you can. First, put the noodle inside the bowl. Second, pour the soup on the noodle. Mix everything well and have a good meal.) (Second way to have the noodle. Pick the noodle to the soup cup, be aware of the hot soup. ) 红烧肥肠面,经典面食~(吃面除了把面条夹出来往汤里泡一泡吃之外,个人非常建议有条件的话在家准备一个大碗,把面条倒进去,然后把汤直接淋到上面,然后把可能有点成团的面条挑散来吃,这样最接近堂食的感觉哦)
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N04. 红烧肥肠面 Braised Pork Intestine Noodles
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